Grace Chapel UPC

Grace Chapel United Pentecostal Church

On October 1, 2005, Pastor Curtis and Brenda Evans were a thousand miles from home at their church organizations's business conference when they received the tragic news that their twenty-three year old son, an only child, had been killed in a car accident. Letters to Brandon is a journey through the grieving process. The story is uniquely told in powerful heartfelt letters to their son explaining their journey. It is a gripping story, as they travel, with God's help, through the healing of the wounds on losing a child. Within the letters is a message that will speak to a person who has lost someone dear to them while also reminding everyone about the cliches that should never be spoken, showing us all that just "being there" can mean so much. Through prayer and counsel, Curtis and Brenda have crossed the chasm of deep sorrow and look forward to the future heavenly reunion with Brandon.

It is our desire to build a new building in Brandon's memory. Anyone who would like to help us in this endeavor is invited to send us a minimum donation of at least $25.00 and we will send a copy of the book as a thank you gift for your contribution. Please send a check or money order to Grace Chapel UPC, P.O. Box 136854, Fort Worth, TX 76136 or you may use PayPal on the donations page (Please add a note to receiptent that donation is for the book, Letters to Brandon.)